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Cottages for Two as the name suggests, is exclusively designed for couples/2 persons only, DOUBLE SPAS and fully self contained (FSC) accommodation.

Cottages for Two as the name suggests, is exclusively designed for couples/2 persons only, DOUBLE SPAS and fully self contained (FSC) accommodation. There will be no groups whatsoever, next to, above or below, no noise producing activities to disturb your special time together as all the Cottages are the ground floor. It’s the best place for weddings, anniversary, birthday, hens party or other family celebrations, Whale watching, Phillip Island penguins. Phillip Island hotels. Phillip Island caravans.

We are committed and passionate about offering FSC accommodation, as this style of accommodation not only offers a real alternative to the established brands such B&B, hotel, motel, lodge, guesthouse etc, but FSC also has long list of advantages PLUS on the bottom line FSC saves you lots of money and still provides the comfort and the luxury you’d hope for! To understand the full meaning of FSC we need to redefine the meaning of comfort and luxury. In the FSC world comfort is have your own lounge, enough space to put your feet up and able to read your favorite books, lay down on the couch, walking in bare feet, only a towel about your waist or having lunch in your pyjamas, coffee on the deck with the freedom to do what ever!! and feeling the difference from your every day structured life. Comfort is about feeling free. Comfort is about the ability to bend or stretch time for your leisure and pleasure. Comfort is about the time of your life you don’t have to listen to the idle chat of strangers, the life story of their dog Comfort is not scrambling out of bed for Room Service to make the bed or set breakfast time.


Luxury FSC accommodation means, comfortable bedding, adequate heating and cooling system, never to run out of hot water, enough seats and couches, plenty of floor area to move about, entertainment modules suitable for ultimate enjoyment, number of persons allocated to the property reflects the size and utilities of that property. Luxury is eating quality chocolates that you really enjoy, drinking the champagne you love, breakfast cereals breads & milk of your liking, because all of these items were selected by yourself at the supermarket on arrival, not included in an elevated tariff… only to be replaced at your expense when in fact the provisions were NOT to your liking. FSC accommodation provides the atmosphere to absorb the moment. Most FSC accommodation have back yard areas and some times a front yard with beautiful gardens, this literally means you have no reasons not to take time to smell the flowers. We invite you to try to make your next holiday into this new alternative or should we say new phenomenon in the accommodation industry…… make your precious holiday time the most pleasurable one to date! FSC is about doing it your way.

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