Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade Phillip Island

Experience one of Australia’s most popular attractions. Each night at sunset you’ll be amazed by Little Penguins returning ashore after a day’s fishing.

See the world’s smallest penguin in its natural habitat from viewing stands and boardwalks. Enjoy interactive and educational displays in the visitor centre and the spectacular coastal scenery from the Penguin Parade. This experience is sure to be the highlight of your visit. As the sun fades in the sky, Little Penguins waddle up the beach to the safety of their homes in the sand dunes. Witness this magical procession – it is a treat never forgotten.

Penguin Parade

The main penguin viewing area at Summerland Beach has tiered seating and provides a 180 degree elevated viewing of the Little Penguins on parade. Watching them arrive and waddle across the beach to their sand dune burrows at sunset is a magical experience for all. Visitors can also enjoy Little Penguins around their burrows from elevated timber boardwalks.

Penguins Plus

The Penguins Plus viewing platform is inspired by the natural elements of the surrounding landscape and offers visitors up-close viewing of the little penguins, complete with ranger commentary on the fascinating lives of the penguins. Limited to a maximum of 300 people, the platform overlooks the most popular pathway at the Penguin Parade, providing some great penguin viewing.

Underground Viewing

Get a bird’s-eye view of the little penguins in the Underground viewing experience. Limited to just 70 people, this world-first facility gives you the chance to watch the penguins waddling along the Penguin Parade’s most popular pathway, at eye-level. Enjoy up-close viewing of the penguins in their natural habitat through an underground viewing window, with the comfort and convenience of being indoors, undercover and out of the elements.

Penguin VIP Tour

Enjoy the Penguin Parade from the comfort of an exclusive, elevated viewing tower. Located at the main viewing stand at the Penguin Parade, this option allows ten (10)people each evening to have pole position for penguin viewing. Visitors are able to interact with a ranger and assist in the penguin count, an important part in the ongoing research of the Phillip Island penguins.

Behind the Scenes Tour

If you are seeking a more personalised and intimate wildlife tour, the Ultimate Penguin Tour is for you. Designed for groups of up to ten(10), this fully accredited eco-tour takes visitors to a stunning, secluded beach to view Little Penguins. Participants get informative commentary by rangers through personal headphones as they view penguins with the use of night vision technology.

Ultimate Penguin Tour

This fun and family oriented, ranger-led tour allows you to see what goes on at the Penguin Parade and how rangers and researchers are protecting the Little Penguins. Play with puppets to uncover the secret lives of penguins. You will also receive tips on best viewing for the Penguin Parade and a little penguin jumper to take home. The Penguin Parade Visitor Centre features informative displays, gift shops, café, toilets and theatre.

Winner of Gold Banksia Award for Environmental Excellence, Tourism Hall of Fame and Fully Accredited Ecotourism organisation.

Photography and filming of the penguins is not allowed.

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